The word Yahadut comes from the root Hodah meaning Charis / Grace (Gratus not Gratia) and expresses the exercise of that practice while the word Yehudi means one who exercises the practice.

Yahadut or Charis is manifest in acts of thanksgiving such as, especially, Havdalah and Birkat Hamazon. It is a kind of theurgy where we say grace in order to receive grace and achieve Henosis (itihad/communion). It is Ruh min Allah, one of the three aspects of Adonai Elohim. It was commended into the Father's hands, raised the dead and brought Neshamah upon the Talmidim at Shavuot.

Many Yehudim tolerate the translation of the term Yahadut as Judaism but educated and faithful people who subscribe to the Yehudi label with rational possibilarian and logical consistency do not like that translation. We consider it as evidence that those who support the translation have completely missed the point.

Yehudahut would be Judaism (Ἰουδαϊσμῷ) while Yahadut on the other hand is in and of itself completely independent of anything to do with the tribe or land or people of Judah since we do not want people to Judahize (Ἰουδαΐζειν) nor pay Judahic (Ἰουδαϊκῶς) myths any mind but to pay attention to the Oracles of God. Nevertheless prophesy did predict that Yahadut would one day be born as a human in the tribe of Judah just like King David and Solomon and would be of their house.

Yahadut's subjects were once called Judahi'ans (Ἰουδαίων) to identify them as subscribers to the teachings of Yahadut as the superior Judahi (Ἰουδαίου) whose kingdom of Israel can be called Judahia after Yahadut just as it was called after David and Solomon before diminishing to a much smaller size. 

Now, is my country called Judah? No, it is called Eretz Israel, and I myself am a Levite so then how can I be Ἰουδαῖος? Well, just as all can be, i.e. by belonging to a Judahi (Ἰουδαίου). Even though I am an Levite and a citizen of Israel, I can truly identify as a Ἰουδαῖος, in exactly the same way that Paul the Benjaminite of Tarsus did, in as much as with him, I am also a subject in the spiritual kingdom which we can call Judahia after the one who we believe is Yahadut incarnate the ultimate Judahi (Ἰουδαίου) superior above all.

Likewise any other Judahis from the tribe of  Judah (Ἰούδα) who give themselves to our Judahi Yahadut can become a Judahi again *in* our Judahi (Yahadut) by virtue of being possessed by Yahadut and can no longer identify as Judahi simply by virtue of their own right. In fact, only the Judahis who have given themselves to Yahadut would really be worth calling Judahis as would all of any origin who give themselves to Yahdut. Other than those in Yahadut these days I doubt there are any these days who know they are from the tribe of Judah or could even prove it objectively beyond any shadow of doubt. Only God knows because in the end, the only Judahi that mattered is Yahadut. Since Yahadut, the tribal identity of Judah is as insignificant as any other of the world's tribal identities.

No doubt there are many who say that they are Ἰουδαίους but are not all over the place. But educated and faithful people who subscribe to Yahadut have nothing to do with foolish people who say they are Yehudim or Judahis or Judahi'ans though they are not given to Yahadut (Eucharist). Whether because they simply like the Yehudi label without understanding the original meaning or because they follow a Judahi other than Yahadut or because they say they follow our Judahi but they don't they are all still facing Gehenna.

We follow the Yehudahi who we believe is the most worthy of all Yehudahim born in the tribe of Yehudah. The authority of any other Yehudahi before Yahadut's incarnation has expired and their Yehudahi'im are therefore illegitimate. Yet, our daat is not Yehudahut (Judahism) but Yahadut (Eucharistianity) and despite, obviously, also being Yehudim (Eucharistians), we consider that is what it means to be Yehudahi'im meaning followers of that Yehudahi. Even any of us Yehudim who might otherwise also be true Yehudahim born in the tribe of Yehudah consider all other identities melt away and pale in comparison with being born again Yehudahi'im. In this way we are able to draw a new boundary which does not separate Judah from Helen as long as we are all Yehudi Yehudahi'im following the Yehudahi who brought us the way of good Yahadut (Eucharistianity). 

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