Ruh (The Holy Spirit)

There are different aspects to the Ruh mentioned in the Ahsana alHadith.

The Holy Spirit also known as ADONAI God Almighty The Holy One and as Alrahim is the Rock of Ages. He is the Begetter, the Amin Spirit who brings revelation down upon one's heart. The Holy Spirit True LORD (ADONAI) the giver of life proceeds from the God the Father Almighty nature. He sits on the throne of heaven with an appearance like Jasper and Carnelian. He is the Spirit inspired in the Church by the Amir of the Lamb and HaShem and the one with which they also strengthened Jesus.
Allah's Spirit is the begotten Lamb Ruhullah Wonderful-Counsellor, Mighty-God, Everlasting-Father Tsar of Peace. Ruh Min Hu. It is but another name for the Eucharist, YHWH's Righthand, Hod, the Miaphysite Hypostasis emanation, one of the three aspects of The Messiah Jesus son of Miriam. It is also called Ruhullah. Our Lord breathed into Adam by Him. Our Lord has used Him to strengthen the believers. Miriam's son commended it into God's hands. According to the Ahsana ulHadith, The Ruh will stand arrayed with the Angels on judgment day but will not speak except by Our Lord's permission. It is by the Rab's Amir. The Rab casts it upon whomsoever He will by his Amir.
In turn, the Lamb's Sevenfold spirit is the Seraphim Ruh HaShem spirit from spirit from spirit. The Lamb and HaShem sent out their Sevenfold Ruh, to Miriam and breathed themselves into her by it. The believers will be granted such Ruh at the resurrection.

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