Dönmeh (Lost Jew) Judaey is a kind of magic. It is like the lightest (others would argue the poorest or most vulgar) version of Torah-believing Judaism available but devoid of Judaic myths.

With the exception of the Judaean Code (the Ten Commandments) which must always be respected, Dönmeh Judaey generally requires practice of all religious observances only either while on hallowed ground (such as Jerusalem or the Masjid of every Beit Kanisa in the world) or for Sabbaths AND Yomtovs in preparation for Havdalah. Such times may be observed from midday the day before to midday the day after as the maximum permitted time but in emergencies can be reduced to a minimum of Sunrise on the first day of the Holiday to midday on the last day of the holiday (which is usually the same day). That is why Dönmeh Sabbateans were sometimes called Sabbatarians. In the event of any mistake it is always forgiven as soon as the culprit feels guilty about it because to feel remorse is evidence that the covenant is written upon one's heart.

At such times as well as for Kol HaMoed and for Yashan ve Chadash, they observe the rules of Kashrut but at all other times they can eat anything they like (except pig-food and live blood) as long as it is purified with a blessing first.

At such times they also observe certain dress codes (e.g. beards, peyote, phylacteries and talit for men, and headscarves for womenfolk, of the ministry) but at all other times they can dress any way they like as long as it is according to cultural rules of modesty (covered from shoulders to thighs, no tight fitting clothes).

At such times they must observe purity in speech or face excommunication.

Liquids must be covered over such nights.

Unglazed Ceramics are not used in catering.

All ignition and servile work unrelated to prayer must be avoided except for Kol HaMoed.

At such times they must observe ritual purity which is also highly recommended at all other times too. All dead things (even sperms) except for poultry, real fish, ruminants, and orthoptera are always considered protected by spirits who can attack anyone who touches them. Attacks can be escaped by Tahara touching ones head, feet and arms with holy water in the evening of the day in which tamei occurred except in the case of dead humans, even just an egg, which are 7 times more protected and so require 7 days. Except human's sperms which are not considered human. Male embryos require 40 days while female embryos are twice as protected again and require 80 days of respect.

Although anyone can become a Judaean, only the Hereditary Chevaliers have the authority to designate teachers. Eleven Ministers can confer the status of Minister upon any suitable candidate from the inner Circle (the brethren) by praying and casting lots. Deacons are appointed from among the Laity by 12 Ministers praying and placing their hands on them.

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