Mushrikun (Polythiests)

Among the Mesihi people there are some who believe that the Divine Father is the third of three gods. This kind of heresy is called Tritheism. Some of the Tritheists believe that the other two gods alongside the divine father are Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Others (Collyridians) replaced the Holy Spirit with Mary or in some cases even Magdalena. The latter were related the Arians who (like modern day mormons) believed that Mary was God's wife and that Jesus was their demigod offspring. Still others, called Gnostic-Dualists, believed that the material Universe was to be hated because it was created by a demonic force while only the Spirit World should be loved having been created by the true God. From the Monophysite point of view, all such people are still stuck in paganism along with those who talk about AlLat, AlManat and AlUzza and can not be considered believers. 

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