AlMasih (God The Son)

According to the Ahsana AlHadith, God has no need to adopt anything as all things already belong to God and AlMasih is not just a lowly angel (ibn Allah) as the Arians say. But in truth AlMasih comprises of parts of God Himself as God's Representation (Rasul), God's Word (Kalimat) and God's Spirit (Ruh). As part of God, AlMasih is not a kind of offspring (walid) since God is neither sire nor sired.

Although no Bible-believers (only the unbelieving Torahless rabble's Judaeans who claimed cesar as their king -extinct since 44AD) killed or crucified AlMasih, in fact no one at all took His life from Him. The Divine Nature raised Him to it.
The Original Man in Heaven
So in the end it was only He who laid His life down and who takes it back up again by the command God gave Him being part of God. But God is not just AlMasih else who would then have been given power over God when he willed AlMasih to die (and his mother and everyone else on earth)? No. God is not AlMasih nor a trio although AlMasih is indeed a trio being comprised of the aforementioned aspects of God -God's uncreated Word (God from God) and God's uncreated Spirit (from Spirit) alongside God's Ministry before whom all ministries have certainly passed.

AlMasih is the immortal slain Lamb, the Stigmata. He is God's Right Hand in which dwells HaShem and the Original Man's Son Yesod (God the Father's Nature from God the Father) both of which the Lamb, Muhammad, imparts to the human hearts that manifest the Lamb by surrendering the will to God as did Marym's son who has thus become one LIKE Original Man's Son (i.e. like Yesod).
Marym's son became like Original Man's son
No one is Muhammad but Ministry before whom all other ministries have certainly passed.
The Templars' wooden head icon
In Hebrew Muhammad is Mahmad, the Beloved, the Eucharist, the Temple of God, the Order of Melchizedek/Moses/Solomon.
The LORD and the Lamb are the Temple (Rev21:22)
Melchizedek's Order is the Righthand (Hod) with whom rests the Torah, Yesod, the Original Man's Son, Kalimatullah, God the Father's Nature from God the Father, the Eternalpriest before whom the angels ascend and descend.
God's Priest is Yesod, The Word
Original Man is YHWH the Holy Spirit in which dwells Father Einsof
Yesod is Original Man's Son Father Einsof from Father Einsof
None go to heaven but Yesod who descended as Original Man's Son
The angels ascend and descend round-about Yesod
Yesod is our Adon the Eternalpriest in t'Lamb (Melchizedek's Order)
Father Yesod sits to the righthand (Hod) of Original Man standing.
Unless you eat Yesod's flesh (Original Man's sparks) you have no life.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh did not leave us as orphans.
Yesod's flesh is the Rebbe's Eucharistic body which he gave up for us.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh looks LIKE Yesod now.
Yesod is coming at the hour you least expect
Every eye will see Yesod come in clouds with great power and glory.

In the Christology of the Ahsana AlHadith, the Messiah (Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh) is a Triad consisting of:
Kalimat (God's nature) aka Yesod, the uncreated Word of God from God
Rasul (God's creation) aka the one like Original Man's Son
Ruhallah (God's spirit) aka the Lamb Stigmata or the Birkat HaMazon


Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh still in Capernahum

Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh in Samaria

Mid Succot:
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh in Jerusalem
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh heals a man born blind

Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh in Jerusalem again


Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh moves to Jordan where John was baptising. 

3796 Aviv 01
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh instructs his followers to suffer little children.

08 Aviv
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh announces move to Jerusalem area because Lazarus is dead

09 Aviv
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh reaches Jericho.

10 Aviv
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh arrives in Bethany just outside Jerusalem and raises Lazarus.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh's first triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
The Sadducees and Beth Shammai decide to put Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh to death.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh lodges in Bethany

11 Aviv
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh teaches in the Temple for the last time.

12 Aviv (Thursday)
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh arrives in Ephraim

13 Aviv (Friday)
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh leaves Ephraim

14 Aviv (Saturday 31 March)
Beth Shammai discuss how to catch Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh after the Yom Tov
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh is anointed in Bethany at the table of Lazarus, Martha and Mary in Simon the Leper's house
Judas goes to Beth Shammai and agrees to betray Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh

15 Aviv (Sunday 1st April)
The Talmidim prepare for pesach meal
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh enters Jerusalem again on donkey
Seudah Shlishit Shirayim & Havdalah
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh began the Seudah Shlishit by distributing wine. While they were eating, having eaten bread he recited some Biblical passages. Then with the paten over the Kos Shel Brakha he began reciting Birkat HaMazon while breaking up and passing around His Shirayim. When he had finished the blessings his Talmidim consumed the Shirayim with the wine. Finally they recited Al HaMichya.
Then they went to the Mount of Olives.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh arrested on the Mount of Olives

16 Aviv (Monday 2nd April)
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh brought to the house of Annas, Father in Law to Caiaphas
Peter denies Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh 3 times
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh is led to Caiaphas.

17 Aviv (Tuesday 3rd April)
Caiaphas Sends Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh to Pilate.
Judas hangs himself.
Pilate asks "are you a king?"

18 Aviv (Wednesday 4th April)
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh before Herod.

19 Aviv (Thursday 5th April)
Pilate frees Barabbas
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh returns to Pilate to be flogged.

20 Aviv (Friday 6th April)
Preparation day.
Pilate tries to free Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh again before 1am.
Pilate hands Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh over go the guards.
The guards mock Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh all night.
Guards lead Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh out to Golgotha.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh Crucified at 9am.
12noon Darkness covers the land.
15pm Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh gives up the Lamb.

21 Aviv (Saturday 7 April)
Hell Harrowed

22 Aviv (Sunday 8 April)
Salome, Joana, Mother Mary and Peter's relation Mary Clopas mother of James and Joses go to embalm Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh's body but see the angel move the stone to the right and sit on it.
The guards become like dead men.
The angel speaks to the women then departs.
The guards go to tell the chief priests.
The women enter the tomb and two more angels appear inside.
Magda arrives behind the other women and sees the tomb open.
Mary Clopas sees Magda and tells her they dont know where he is.
Magda runs past someone she thought was a gardener to tell the Talmidim.
The three other women recognize that the gardener is actually the now albino-like Jesus who instructs them to silently hurry and tell the Brethren to prepare to meet him in Galilee.
Peter and Lazarus have now run back to the tomb with Magda.
Peter then Lazarus enter the tomb (not clear if they saw the two angels) believe the report but decide to go to their lodgings.
Magda sees the two angels who ask her why she crys Magda replies then Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh asks her.
Magda rejoices when she recognizes who she thought was the gardener as Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh.
Magda runs around telling the disciples that Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh lives.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh soon joins Peter & Mary Clopas on the Emaus road but they don't see it's him.
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh stops with them to reveal himself by breaking bread before going on to Galilee.
They realize that was Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh and after talking about it they rush to tell the 11 (10 plus Matthias) that the reports are true and Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh has visited Peter.
He gave them peace, showed them His hands and side, again gave them peace, commissioned them, gave them Holy Spirit and gave them authority to forgive or withold.
Though Thomas says he can't believe it because he wasn't with them, they do all agree to go to Galilee together.

01 Iyyar (Sunday 15 April):
Thomas Sunday
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh visits all the original 12 (11 plus Matthias) Apostles in Galilee rebuking the initial disbelief in Jerusalem. He eats a piece of broiled fish and honeycomb with them.

08 Iyyar (Sunday 22 April):
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh prepares fish and bread for breakfast at Tiberias visiting above 500 brothers at the same time where he appoints Peter and discusses Lazarus's role.

15 Iyyar (Sunday 01 May):
This is the week of Pesach Sheni, the 4th week of counting the Omer, as the messianic Mid-Pentecost feast of Lag b'Omer (20th Iyyar) when Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh's kabbalah is written down.

22 Iyyar (Sunday 08 May):
This is the start of the 6th week of counting the Omer.

29 Iyyar (Sunday 15 May):
This is the start of the 7th week of counting the Omer.

03 Sivan (Thursday 19 May )
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh, who has been physically present with the disciples opening the scriptures to them now constantly for 25 full days, leads the disciples outside Jerusalem where he ascends.

06 Sivan (Sunday 20 May)
White Sunday
The start of the Pentecost octave. Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh visits James ben Lazarus and all of the 84 Apostles when the Holy Spirit descends in the upper room on Mt Zion.

13 Sivan (Sunday 27 May)
Trinity Sunday
The end of the Pentecost octave.

20 Sivan
Deacon Sunday

Tammuz 08 (36AD Thursday 21 June)
St John's Eve (Rusyn All saints and All souls)

Tammuz 09 (36 AD Friday 22 June)
Apostle's Fast
The persecution of the Church.

Av 09 Emigration (36AD Saturday 21 July)
St Thaddeus takes Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh's Hassidut to the Kushans. Lazarus' nephew John is led by the spirit to Patmos.

Trinity Sunday (37AD)
Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh visits Paul as the stigmata of Western Rome's Church.


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