Ismallah (God's Name)

Ἀχαμώθ is our Mother, Holy Wisdom, the feminine Divine Name of God present in all God's aspects and which He gave to us. She is in our Father The Holy Spirit which gave birth to the Lamb. She is identified with Malkuth (Judaea).
She is the voice that narrates the Ahsana AlHadith.

Holy Wisdom is depicted in the book of Revelation 12:1 as a pregnant woman, clothed in the sun, standing on the moon crowned with 12 stars. The icon of Sofia represents the authority of Christ's Forerunners and Godbaring Ancestors as well as that of the subsequent Godbarers of Spiritual Israel's One Holy Universal and Ministerial Edah who altogether constitute the True Vine of the Communion of Saints and the Firstfruit Jesus Christ.

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