Hanifism, not Hanafism

Just to make a quick important point.

Hanifism (Dönmeh Judaery) is not HanAfism.

HanAfism refers to the Islamist Madhab of Abu Hanifa.

This website is NOT about HanAfism. It is about Hanifism (Dönmeh Judaery).

Hanifism, or Judaery as the Milah is actually known, was designed for the Hanifs (Lost Judaeans), not for the righteous. Hanifist Judaery is Judaic magic (as opposed to non-kosher sorcery) i.e. a type of minimal Judaism (Milah) described in MT11:28 which is designed to save Hanifs (Lost Judaeans) from the jaws of paganism. Those who practice Judaery are the Judaeans. It is not for the righteous (LK5:32) although, like Abraham, a Hanif's faith can be counted as righteousness (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:9; Romans 4:22; Galatians 3:6; James 2:23; Titus 3:8) making those who believe and do good works have best claim to Abraham who lived by faith for most of his life not righteousness. That is the same Judaery or minimal Judaism (Milah) of Abraham.

Being Judaean does not mean being a member of the Israeli tribe of Judah. Only 12k members of the Israeli tribe of Judah are Judaeans. Judaeans are nothing to do with those who claim to be of Judah but are not. Anyone in the world can be a Judaean practitioner of Judaery. In a sense, Judaeans do not have any religion, they simply practice the way of the Jiddai or Judae master (al-Jiddi) i.e. Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh which is nothing to do with alYahod (the self-glorification) of the Jewish Supremacists. And do not accept any Islamist rubbish about the origins of Star Wars. That way is to the dark side.

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