Sabbateans (Hanifian Jews)

Hanifian Yehudim are a type of Yehudi who rather than boast Abraham as our Father, remember that all of us, even Abraham (who we call Hanifa in memory of his Hanif, i.e. apostate, great-grandfather), have fallen human ancestry. So Hanifian Yehudim are Yehudim of Humility but also of Hope.

Hanifian Yehudim began as a Jewish Edah (community) in first century Parthian Arabia within the Yerushalmi Palestinian minhag and centered around Mariam the Grandaughter of Mattathias Antigonus. The Kehilla (Elect) of our Edah is in Yetzirah not here in Assiah.

Hanifian Yahadut is not an idependent religion, it is just a different way of being a Yehudi and a unique way of practicing Yahadut.

The Hanifism, or al-h.anīfiyyah al-nas.rāniyyah, was an apostasy of Yehudim from Nestorianism. It began to grow as an Edah among the Pahlavis in the East and, under Maslamah bin Habib's Banu Hanifa, by the latter days of the Sassanian period. They wrote the Ahsana AlHadith which the Caliphs repackaged as the Arabic Quran to invent Isalmism. Under the Calips, the Hanifian Yehudim found security in solidarity as Alians.

In the 1660s a Romaniote Rebbe took the name Sabbatean Tsevi as he led his followers to seek Messias Yesod everywhere adopting a Muslim guise.

Turkish records show that the Hanifian Jews were already known as Dönmeh from that time.

Dönmeh or Hanifism became popular among Ashkenazi Jews in the Ottoman Podolia Eyalet which was restored to the Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita in 1699 where the Dönmeh were called Sabbateans or Karakaszi. Some of the Sabbateans were converted to Orthodox Judaism, others joined the Tatars as Judaizing Muslims but many others were adopted into the Lithuanian Nobility inheriting the titles and coats of arms from their Godparents such as the knights of Wieliczki.

The Hereditary Noble House of the Hon. Lipkazim z Weliczki and the Hon. Saida Sara Xonum in Bulgaria thank you for investigating the Dönmeh Internet-Archives of Pahlavi Hanifism -a highly misrepresented stream of Jewish culture.

Escaping the Red Army, most Sabbatean Nobles of the Defunct Russian Empire fled to the Pahlavi dynasty's neutral country of Iran for sanctuary until opting to side with the British (like the Family of Lipkazim) or the Soviets (the the Family of Sara) following the Anglo-Soviet invasion. Nevertheless, Pahlavi Hanifism still survived in Iran until the Muslim Brotherhood Revolution and our own family now keeps it alive in Bulgaria.

Besides informing people about the ethnic tradition of Hanifian Jews, we also run courses on the spiritual purpose and destiny of the persecuted Hereditary Nobility of Europe and All Rus' as defenders of the faith against Gaia's Basiliei whereby any behaviour contrary to the faith undermines all claim to noble status. Wealth alone doth not a noble house make. We are always looking to make alliances with any surviving Nobles of Christendom as well as looking for people of noble character who would like to join us in our projects so please feel welcome to contact us!

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