The Story of Hanifa

Hanifian Jewish tradition states that our Hanifa was the Great Grandson of the first Hanif (Apostate) Serug. His Father and his Father-in-law were called Terakh and Azar. Although Amraphel had demanded Hanifa be killed at birth, Hanifa was saved in the family of the girl who would eventually become his wife. Hanifa grew to warn Amraphel against Hubris but was ignored so he moved to Canaan where Allah promised to make him into nation that would inherit that land. In the end Hanifa led a troop to overthrow Amraphel and joined the order of Melchizedek. While Hanifa was in Mamre he was visited by Adonai Elohim who taught the meaning of life and gave Messias Yesod shiraiyim to him and Hanifa's beloved wife promising them a child, Isaac, within a year. Amraphel's lifetime was the first time since Noah that Adonai Elohim had come from Yetzirah to visit Assiah (this planet) where HaAdam has been imprisoned all this time. From then on, Messias Yesod abode with the Children of Hanifa to be born after 2000 years through Hanifa's promised seed to give us the chance to get out of this Assiah prison and return to our home in Yetzirah. The promised seed of Hanifa refers to a desecendant of his who was a woman from the house of David called Miriam daughter of Hannah.

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