Gabor Order of the Bride

The keepers of Tzigane Lore are regarded as a sort of Priestly Nobility by other Tzigane. They are called Gabors after their founder Gabriel the A'jami by whose Glossolalia the Quranic materials were revealed. They observe their own sort of chivalric rules concerning marriage.

There are 7 categories of womenfolk eligible for those elected by laying on hands as Gabors:

  1. Their wives if they are already married. 
  2. Their fiancées if they are already engaged. 
  3. Their Priory's Single Presbyteras
  4. Their Priory's Single Deaconesses
  5. Their Sister Communities' Single Presbyteras
  6. Their Sister Communities' Single Deaconesses
  7. A woman who makes a solomn and sacred pledge of fealty. 

There are 6 categories of men eligible to the womenfolk to whom the Gabor order of the Bride rules of chivalry apply. 

  1. Their husbands if they are already married. 
  2. Their fiancés if they are already engaged. 
  3. Their Chaplaincy's Single Presbyters
  4. Their Chaplaincy's Single Deacons
  5. Their Fraternal Communities' Single Presbyters
  6. Their Fraternal Communities' Single Deacons

Gabors are the Mursaleen. All Men are called Nabi, all Women are called Nisa. Among the Nisa, Presbyteras are called Mothers, Sisters, or Aunts and Deaconesses are called Daughters. Among the Nabi, Presbyters are called Fathers, Brothers, or Uncles while Deacons are called Sons. 

This is originally what Sura 33 (especially verses 50-55) was all about before it was redacted. 

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