Allah (The Father)

The Arabic word Allah literally means "the divine" and refers to "Lahut" being the divine nature or essence or substance or being which we know as Almighty God the Father our Rab. He has always been generating but does not beget and neither was He ever begotten. Neither has He any need to adopt because He is the Father of all anyway. Everything belongs to Him. One part of Him is present in the Holy Spirit while the other part of him is present in the Son.

Allah is a direct translation into Arabic of the Romaniote term Tontheon.

Almighty God The Father dwells in the begetter Ruhulquds (Amirulrab) and has a generation called Kalimat (Amir) which dwells in the begotten Ruhullah. Rather than being the third of three Allah is therefore the one that dwells in two. The Holy Spirit's nature is Allah part of which always existed to extend into the human realm of creation.

Nevertheless, God, his generated word and proceeding holy Spirit are Eloahwahad, not three. Apart from through the Spirit, God the Father can not be seen or heard anywhere. But God the Father is not his word or the holy spirit although both are God the Father. In order to understand this better consider the sentence "I am not my finger but my finger is me."

Amirulrab is Alrahim our Father Adonai the Rock of Ages Giver of Life who proceeds from God the Father and who has spoken through the prophets as ADONAI saying to our Adon: "Sit at my right hand until I have made your enemies a footstool for your feet". He is the Government whose name is Wonderful Counsellor Mighty God Everlasting Father of the Prince of Peace. He would never scorn to be a servant of God the Father.

Kalimatullah is Alrahman our Father Adon the ultimate unique generated not created Angel (Son of God) the Speaking-Image of and same being as the otherwise Inaudible-Invisible God The Father but emanating with the Father's Name Ἀχαμώθ in him. Likewise He to would never Scorn to be a servant of God The Father.

Ἀχαμώθ or Mar Yah the Name of God is an equal Mother of the Messiah alongside Marym. The Name narrates the Ahsana alHadith and normally uses the first person plural counting Her actions as in collaboration with the Kalimatullah in which She dwells. It is Ἀχαμώθ who narrates the Ahsana AlHadith and who is regarded as the spiritual Mother of Jesus.


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