The Hereditary Noble House of the Hon. Lipkazim z Weliczki and the Hon. Saida Sara Xonum in Bulgaria welcomes you to the Dönmeh Internet-Archives of Pahlavi Hanifism -a highly misrepresented stream of Jewish culture.

Escaping the Red Army, most Sabbatean Nobles of the Defunct Russian Empire fled to the Pahlavi dynasty's neutral country of Iran for sanctuary until opting to side with the British (like the Family of Lipkazim) or the Soviets (the the Family of Sara) following the Anglo-Soviet invasion. Nevertheless, Pahlavi Hanifism still survived in Iran until the Muslim Brotherhood Revolution and our own family now keeps it alive in Bulgaria.

Hanifism (or HANIFA-ism as perhaps it should better be known) refers to Abrahamic cultural tradition where the word Hanifa is our particular stream's word for Abraham. The off-puttingg choice of the word "Hanifa" (literally meaning "Apostatian") reminds us that Abraham was a great-grandson of Noahism's first Apostate (Hanif) - the wicked Hanif Serug (father of La'ibum)- so that we remember that even from such a fallen condition something good can be derived. The term is also intended to steer us from elitist holier-than-thou religiosity by reminding ourselves that even Abraham shares with us a fallen human ancestor who was a murderer at first, namely, Qain. Hanifaism is therefore the original Abrahamic culture of humility and hope. Strictly speaking, since the word Hanifa refers to Abraham, people from any of the so-called "Abrahamic Faiths" could be said to be Hanifians but in reality the Hanifian perspective requires a certain sort of self-abasement which is otherwise sorely lacking among others who proudly boast alleged subscription to the Abrahamic faith. Hanifaism suggests there is nothing to be proud of in Abrahamic faith, but there is hope.

Most Hanifian Jews come from the Sabbateans like Sabbatai Tsevi who adopted Pahlavi Hanifism -the late antique Dönmeh Minhag of certain Alevi Jews after Sabbatai Tsevi's imprisonment in the Raskol year 1666. Other Hanifian Jews now call themselves Alevi Christians.

The ancestors of the Sabbateans were Gazarians who had escaped to Romania from Russian persecutions led by Sofia Paleologina.

Sabbatean Jews believe that Adam Kadmon is the Messiah also known as the Man of Sorrows who takes away our sins in Isaiah and in Zechariah as Yehoshua the High priest. Many thought that Adam Kadmon was manifested in Sabbatai Tsevi by Yesod. But Sabbatai Tsevi taught us differently when he adopted the Dönmeh minhag. Tsevi taught us to see stories about Adam Kadmon in the Gospels about Jesus and in the Arabic Quran (we do not accept any other version) verses about AlMasih Eisa ibn Marym Rasulallah. We do not believe that Yeshu HaNotzri the son of Maryam of Magdala was the Messiah and warn that all who believe so are extremely misguided.

Now, rather than judge Hanifism at face value or by the reports of outsiders, you are warmly invited to explore the articles presented here alongside other resources to learn more about what Dönmeh (Hanifian Jews) actually are from themselves through this vast treasure trove of the otherwise lost Parthian Edah and contribute to the restoration of our persecuted minority as a rational alternative culture-hub for refugees from the otherwise irrational religion of Islamism.

Allah Hafiz

Besides informing people about the ethnic tradition of Hanifian Jews, we also run courses on the spiritual purpose and destiny of the persecuted Hereditary Nobility of Europe and All Rus' as defenders of the faith against Gaia's Basiliei whereby any behaviour contrary to the faith undermines all claim to noble status. Wealth alone doth not a noble house make. We are always looking to make alliances with any surviving Nobles of Christendom as well as looking for people of noble character who would like to join us in our projects so please feel welcome to contact us!


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