Ahsana AlHadith vs Islamists Quran

The Ahsana AlHadith is the Pahlav Edah's complete Binah (Sophia) Hymnody which the Banu Hanifa composed by giving voice to the Binah (Sophia) which comes from our LORD. Our Mother Binah (Sophia) is the personification of God's Name which teaches Ministers and their congregations many things by summarising in melodic verse various aspects of Kabbalic tradition from sources as unusual as the Nomocanon to as conventional as the Mishnah.

Hanifian Baptists obey the Arabic Quran but Muslims are destined to abandon the Quran (Q25:30) and mostly (at least the ones you see talking a lot in public) already disobey the Quran when it tells them to believe in the Bible (Al-Kitab Q4:136) both the Old Testament (Tawrat) Psalms (Zaboor) and (5:68) the New Testament (Injeel) without distinction (Q3:84). Instead they sell translations of the Quran (Q2:79) ignore verses that they know (Q2:75-77) conceal verses that they know (Q2:140) take words out of context (Q5:13-15) conspire together to twist and hide from verses in teams (Q4:51) twist the meanings with their language (Q3:77-79) and hide the rest of the book behind their backs (Q3:187). Even though they were not to teach the People of the Bible but told to learn from us (Q10:94) not argue with us but just believe in our revelation (Q29:46).

The Islamist Quran is a messed up plagiarised and redacted version of the Binah Hymnody. Nevertheless, St. Martin the Confessor, the Pope of Rome granted it for the Saracens because, despite all that, it is still possible to discover the truth with it if one applies logical reasoning.

In Hymn number 001 Binah teaches us how to praise God. 

By The Name of
      The Divine Father, 
      The Most Kind Son, 
      The Most Merciful Spirit.
The Praise for Divinity (Master Father of all creation, Most kind Son, Most merciful Spirit) is:
:(الحمد لله (رب العالمين الرحمن الرحيم
Crown of the day of judgement, 
ملك يوم الدين
Thee it is we serve,
إياك نعبد
And it is thee we petition,
وإياك نستعين
guide us along the way most straight,
اهدنا الصراط المستقيم
A way of those for whom you have provided
صراط الذين أنعمت عليهم
rather than a way for whom is the degradation,
غير المغضوب عليهم
nor (a way) of the deviants.
ولا الضالين

This piece from the Binah Hymnody introduces one of the fundamental prayers which the Pahlavi Edah produced. It begins by declaring in Arabic, Alhamdulilah meaning the Praise for God which is not the same as saying Hamdelah meaning "Praise God" or Hamdulilah meaning "Praise be to God". The sign of the creed follows using the index finger of the right hand touching the forehead while saying "Master" then below the naval to say "kind" and the right and left shoulders to say "merciful". In it, Binah is saying that petitioners should express their dependence upon the movement of our Lord's Spirit at every opportunity requesting signs on which decisions would be the correct choices to make.


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