The Dönmeh Archives of Sabbatean Hanifism

This Compendium is a treasury of information relating to Hanifism a.k.a. Hanifiyya as passed down in the Archives of the Podolia Eyalet's Y-DNA E-B405 Dönmeh (Hanifists) who following the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz joined the Lipkas of Lipowiec as Hereditary Chevaliers in Lithuania's House of Lords one way or another.


Hanifists ("Dönmeh" in Turkic) practice Hanifism which is the Milah (Circumcision) of Hanifa (Abraham). Every Muslim who has read the Islamist Quran in Arabic and understood it knows that its readers are directed to Hanifism but few have the courage to investigate what that means beyond blindly accepting the definition given by their indoctrinated Imams and Sheikhs. For those brave enough to use their God-given brains even fewer are not repelled by the facts they discover telling them to abandon the false Muhammad fables about a deluded pedophile-charlatan-fraud who conned bloodthirsty-retards to take him for the Biblical Mahmad.

(Caveat, I have heard that Shirazi Muslims do not believe the same sirah as other Muslims, sadly I don't know enough about them to say much but if their Muhammad was nothing like the Sunni Muhammad then they might have something in common with Dönmeh.)

Millions of Muslims invent their own groups based upon what they wish Hanifs were rather than facing the Northeast Afroasiatic linguistic facts on what Hanifs really were. The word Hanifa -used to describe Abraham and his offspring- is a humble confession about the origins of one's spiritual ancestry. The ancient Northeast Afroasiatic word "Hanif" (حنيف) originally meaning "sinful, godless, heathen, corrupt, turned or profane" is but a synonym for Abraham's wicked grandfather Serug. Thus Abraham and Lot were both Hanifa although the word Hanifa is really only used for Abraham alone.

The Lipek Wieliczko Dönmeh Research Society defends the Hanifism of Sabbatarian Dönmeh like the repentant Sabbatai Tsevi as preserving the most ancient truth about Islam and the origins of the Quran and is dedicated to explaining what Hanifism was like before it's message was corrupted to suit the political needs of various Caliphs.

Although sometimes called Dönmeh or Imami-Sufi or Spiritual-Shia or Alevis or Alians etc., in the end Dönmeh are just Ma'aminim, Meshulam, Banu Hanifa (Children of Abraham) but not blasphemous- and that is all there is to it.

As Spiritual-Shia, though recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood as the Imami-Sufi tariqah, Hanifists go to depths of understanding that make their visible ways significantly different from other Shia. For example, along with Shirazis, the Dönmeh alone among the promoters of Classical Arabian Religious Poetry REJECT Child-Marriage (Pedophilia). Dönmeh are also much more outspoken than other Shia against Sunnism and are more intolerant of Sunnism's influence.

This website represents some of the deepest, most controversial and more extremely challenging views of the Imami-Sufi tariqah according to the Alian Dönmeh of Eastern Europe with their original historical context for the international open-minded intellectual audience to explore as an alternative to the diametrically opposed fantasia of the Saudi Wahbbism or Salafi Muslim-Brotherhood hegemony which currently dominates the world view on Islam.

Sunnis call Dönmeh extremists because feminism, monogamy, brotherly loving interfaith activities, keeping external displays of religiosity private, rejecting child marriage, rejecting aggressive jihad etc., are considered extremist ideas to Sunnis.

For this reason Sunnis have been attempting to incite a genocide against Dönmeh and other Hanifists for centuries. Most recently in the form of their so-called "Islamic State" in the Levant of Syria, Turkey and Iraq and Turkey's pogroms against the Alevis.

Rather than judge Dönmeh by the reports of outsiders, you are warmly invited to explore the articles presented here and other sources to learn more about what Dönmeh actually believe themselves through this vast treasure trove of the otherwise lost Sassanian Church and contribute to its resurrection as a rational alternative to the otherwise irrational religion of Islamism.

Allah Hafiz


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