The Dönmeh Archives of Sabbatean Hanifism

This Compendium is a treasury of information relating to Hanifism a.k.a. Hanifiyya as passed down in the Archives of the Podolia Eyalet's Y-DNA E-B405 Karakaszi-Sabbatean Hanifs (Dönmeh) who joined the Sejm's Lipkas of Lipowiec as Hereditary Chevaliers following the Treaty of Karlowitz (1699).


Every Muslim who has read the Islamist Quran in Arabic and understood it knows that its readers are directed to the Milah for Hanifs but few have the courage to investigate what that means beyond blindly accepting the definition given by their indoctrinated Imams and Sheikhs. For those brave enough to use their God-given brain even fewer are not repelled by the facts they discover telling them to abandon their false Muhammad as a deluded pedophile-charlatan-fraud who conned bloodthirsty-retards to take him for the Biblical Mahmad.

Millions would prefer Hanifs to be something else and invent their own groups based upon what they wish Hanifs were rather than facing the Northeast Afroasiatic linguistic facts on what Hanifs really were. The ancient Northeast Afroasiatic word "Hanif" (حنيفا) -literally means "Turned" ("Dönmeh" in Turkic) as in for example, "turned milk" -to be understood in the sense of being "lost", "rotten" or "sour" needing a way to be saved and or seeking direction to be salvaged.

Hanifists delegitimise non-Hanifists who have stolen the terms Muslim and Islam by referring to them as Islamists and their religion as Islamism respectively because the facts demand we accept the true origins of the Islamist Quran as nothing but plagiarised Sassanian Jewish Counter-missionary Poetry. This site is the only one which actually presents the unadulterated facts on Hanifism, no matter how unpalatable they may be to Islamists.

Hanifs are the lost people of Israel, not righteous Jews but sinners, called through God's Licence, Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh, to the eternal Malkuth of Born Again Judaea. Thus, Hanifism (Sabbtean or Dönmeh Hassidism) is only a sort of Judaism for sinners and is certainly not Righteous Othodox Judaism but is quicker, easier and more seductive. It is basic Judaery - the magic of Judaism stripped of Judaic religious myths- in its crudest form, a kind of magic to save the "Lost", "Seekers" or "Hanifs" (Lost Jewish Souls) as described in Mark 2:17. It is the Milah of Abraham.

The Hanif-Milah (Dönmeh-Judaery) is designed to attract and save such Hanif Jews from completely confused cherry-picked superstition or agnostic atheism. It was a kind of early Hassidism which the Banu Hanifa (Lost Children) of Maslamah bin Habib (derided as Musaylimah) promoted. He preached the salvation of the Hanifs through submissive ittihad (Ahsana al-Hadith 4:125) of the Nasut (human nature) to the Lahut (Kalimatullah) incorporating monotheism, asceticism and the abolition of local tribal deities in striving "to create a relatively simple religious system that would be accessible to the inhabitants of Arabia of the sixth and early seventh centuries". (Beliaev, E. A. Araby, islam i arabskii khalifat v rannee srednevekov’e, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1966. Pages 103–108.
Petrushevskii, I. P. Islam v Irane v VII-XV vekakh. Leningrad, 1966. Pages 13–14)

Maslamah called Lost Jews to Faith from diverse cults and sects such as a type of racist religiosity called the Yahod (self Glorification) and from Hoda (Hinduism) and from a sort of Arian Messianic Judaism called the Nasara, and from the Tsabian (Mithraists) faith and from the Magus faith etc.. His daughter was called Khawla daughter of Hanifism's Holy Water and wed Persia's New Shah Ali of Arabia with whom she bore the esoteric Hussein or Prince of Persia called Muhammad ibn Al-Hanafiyyah father of the first Sufi. That should all be understood esoterically as well as exoterically in order to fulfil the old Maxim "on earth as it is in heaven" (as above so below).

Hanifism was widely promoted in Arabia by the counter-missionary Maslamah bin Habib and the Banu Hanifa whose poetry forms the basis of the Islamist Quran. It survived the Caliphate as a sort of Crypto-Judaism among the Alians who taught Sabbatai Tsevi (d.1676) whose Dönmeh (Hanifs) brought it to Podolia whence it spread throughout the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth .
Hanif Children of Israel who accepted Maslamah bin Habib's Hanifism were Born Again (Born of the Spirit) by Sibghatullah being Baptized by Allah our Father (the fire of the Holy Spirit) as Ma'aminim not Mushriks while those Hanifs who did not accept Hanifism were in danger of Shirk as unhealed Muslims. Yes, Hanif Muslims existed long before the 7th century, but it wasnt a thing to be proud of unless like Abraham one could avoid spiritual blindness as a Muslim and be a Hanif without Shirk. Abraham's descendants inherited Muslim status from Abraham but, unlike Abraham and the prophets, mostly became spiritually blind (see Isaiah 42:19). Believing Hanifs humbly mocked themselves as Banu Hanifa out of shame rather than boast of themselves as People of Israel for in truth Hanifs are but Lost Jews.

Those who accept Judaery (Hanif Judaism) are referred to as "ha-Ma'aminim" meaning "the Believers". The Bible describes the "Lost-ness" of the People of Israel many times (e.g. Jeremiah 23:15) and the Antichrist will encourage all Jewish souls to be Lost. But it should be remembered that lost sheep can be found again. Abraham himself was also Lost when he turned against the idolatrous people he came from. Thus, despite its normally negative use, the word Hanif can also used by the Ma'aminim in reference to Abraham to remind that even Abraham was a Seeker but that being lost isn't a hopeless situation as long as one is able to avoid Shirk (blasphemy) which is what the Antichrist seeks to push us all towards. Hanifism is to save Hanifs on the brink of Shirk from the Antichrist's plan. The Judaery (Milah) designed to save the Hanifs from Shirk was understood in Hanifist poetry as the Judaery (Milah), or incomplete Judaism, of Abraham, "Hanif, but not blasphemous" a caveat which almost always accompanies the word Hanif in Hanifist poetry. Not afraid to point the a cheeky finger towards hypocrites, Hanifism is the Judaery (Milah) designed to give the Hanifs a direction, facing towards a deeply loving friendship with God avoiding blasphemy.


Hanifs are Seekers just as Abraham was at first, frankly lost if they are honest but not intentional blasphemers. They may be irreverent, unholy, iconoclastic rebels just as Abraham o e was. Ma'aminim reject the idea that Abraham or any prophet other than Mary and her son were born holy. Without Hanifism the Hanifs would be in danger of Shirk. The Milah (Judaery) of the Hanif is the only thing that humbles the Hanifs and guarantees them salvation. That Judaery (Hanifism), is the Jewish Christ, not Christianity but the Jewish Christ himself. Yet even though Hanifism is not Christianity (Christian culture) still Ma'aminim have equally been described as Christian as well as Jewish. But Hanifs are not, and not likely to become,  perfect Jews. Perfect Jews are afraid of using the Romaniot Jewish term Christ to refer to the Messiah. Hanif Jews are too sinful to have such pious inhibitions.

Abrahamic faith has always been messianic and the promise of Christ's return was passed down among Abraham's descendants. Abraham and his wife Sarah are both said to have met the Christ (מיטטרון) and ate his Shirayim before Sarah became pregnant and it is the same Shirayim of Christ which purifies the Hanifs into Ma'aminim. It raises them up in communion with God. Any Hanif who adopts Hanifism becomes a Ma'amin meaning that yes, they may be lost but they are still saved by Christ's Shirayim from being complete gentiles. But any Hanif who does not become a Ma'amin is in danger of becoming a gentile and receiving the mark of the Antichrist.

Nevertheless, over the centuries something went wrong as being Lost instead of being Guided came to be propagated from Jerusalem by its self-glorifying and elitist spiritually Lost government. The word Hanif is used in the Bible as the very definition of that government's Unholiness / Godlessness / Profaneness in Hebrew (Strong's Hebrew 2610-2613) and in Aramaic.

In time, the Mahamad (Temple) of the already spiritual lost Children of Israel in Jerusalem was destroyed and having been exiled from the promised land by Assyrians & Babylonians, the Hanif Children of Israel established the Paganized Edessan kingdom of Araba among their relatives. There, the Divine's spiritually blind Meshulam (covenanted) servants sank back into the nations of Ham, Shem and Japheth as Mithraic Pagan Monotheists (Tsevis) awaiting the fulfilment of the Messianic promise. Thus there are two types of Tsevi (Mithrean), namely Pagans (Mushrikun) and Hanifs (Lost Jews). Hanifism is a form of Hassidism designed to reach out to and retrieve such Lost Jews.

At the appointed time the Meshulamim (Jewish Tsevis) sent ambassadors, the three Magi (Balthazar, Caspar and Melchior) to the infant incarnation of Mithras (מיטטרון) called Jesus Christ, the living Temple of God. Thus, the Meshulamim were redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and shown the way to become Ma'aminim. Thanks to Christ the Hanifs repented from iconoclastic irreverence and found the same Simple Judaism (Milah) that Abraham did, "Lost, but not gentile". In order to humble themselves, those Lost Children of Israel changed their name to "Lost Boys" (Banu Hanifa) to remind of the sin of their ancestors and ward off any relapse into elitism. Hanifism is the Judaism (Milah) designed to save the Hanifs without which every Hanif (Lost Jew) could become a gentile.

In the first half of the 7th century, the last handful of Abraham-inspired Sassanid rulers allied to the Banu Hanifa attempted to draw all Christians, Jews, Tsevians and Magians under the sphere of Persian influence with the 612 Synod of Khosrow calling God's people to gather together in a camp from the lands known as the Haeresium Ferax (Mother of Heresies) as Miaphysite Believers. The rulers were:
  1. Shirin the Miaphysite and Maria the Miaphysite, wives of Khosrow II who convened the first Miaphysite Synod of 612.
  2. Kavadh II the Miaphysite son of Maria and Khosrow II. 
  3. Ardashir III the Miaphysite Son of the Miaphysites Anzoy of Rome and Kavadh as well as Godson of Heracles the Miaphysite. He was killed when Heraclius's trusted minister Shahrbaraz apostatised to Zoroastrianism in a 40 day coup. 
  4. After Shahrbaraz's 40 day coup Boran the Miaphysite daughter of Shirin ruled until she was murdered by Zoroastrians.
  5. Yazdegard III was appointed in 632 by treaty between the Miaphysites and the Zoroastrians.
  6. Ali of Arabia and his wife "Khawla daughter of Hanifism's Holywater" 
  7. Yazdegard's daughter Shahrbonu wife of Hussein ibn Ali.
The main proponent of Hanifism in his day was Maslamah bin Habib. His and other Hanifists' ecclesiastical poetry propagated by the Sassanian Church eventually reached Mor Gabriel Monastery where it was enjoyed by Saint Gabriel of Qustan himself. The Banu Hanifa's fellow Arabs, the Acephali (Dyoenergic-Monothelite) Saracens began to hear of the poetry through St Gabriel when a delusional Acephali Saracen called Abu Qasim was introduced to it. Abu Qasim began to claim that he was God's Muhammad as he spread tall tales about how God had sent Gabriel to reveal to him Ayats of what eventually came to be known as the Islamist Quran. Even after his followers saw with their own eyes that his Gabriel was just a man they still didn't question him. Ali may be excused because he was only a child but the rest of them must have been apes, all muscle no brain.

At about the same time that the Hanifist Sassanians were attempting to convert Persia, the Acephali Saracens fought violently against Byzantium's anti-Dyoenergists and were responsible for laying the foundations of what became the Umayyad Caliphate. Although the first promoter of Anti-dyoenergism Heracleus was actually a Miaphysite in concept he had submitted to the sophistry of the soon to be anathematized Roman Patriarchs Sergio and Honorius which the Dyoenergists were able to use against Byzantium especially when subsequent Catholic Patriarchs also sided with Dyoenergism against the Byzantines. Soon the Acephali Saracens were also competing for domination against rival Persia's Hanifist faction of Arabs led by the Crown-Princess of Persia Shahrbonu and her husband Hussein bin Ali. By the end of the 7th century the Arabs had united through the adoption of a complete misunderstanding or corruption of Hanifism devised by Abdul Malik which soon became what we call Islamism.

As the Sassanian Church, the Banu Hanifa had spread news of the living Temple's arrival far among the Hanifs (whether Exiled-Israelites, Idumean-Saracens, Ishmaelites or other Hagarenes) from Morocco to Indonesia and China to Somalia by the time Islamism began to corrupt their faith. The word islam in itself has a deep theological meaning but puritanical reformers of their redeemed Hanifism objecting to their newfound patient acceptance and tolerance sought to revert the Ma'amin into common Hanifs like their ancestors which was so condemned by the prophets.

Thus, sadly, the mission to spread this simplest form of Judaism (Milah) against all other religious institutions has been distorted over time. Yet, it has also never been defeated despite history having been written by the victors.

Sabbatai Tsevi (the Mithraist) ingeniously realized that if one adopted Hanifism then the Islamists would consider one to have become an Islamist. Thanks to him and his Dönmeh Hanifism survived long enough to be recorded in these archives. Thanks to them, the efforts of the Banu Hanifa and, for example, the likes of Imrul Qays, Zayd b. Amr, Hasan b. Thabit, ibn Qumta, Ubayy b. Ka’b, Salman the Persian, Khalwa daughter of Hanifism's Holy Water, Ali, Hassan,  Hussein and some of the Sassanian Church's Best Narration (Ahsana ulHadith) were known to have survived (albeit in a butchered, redacted and disordered fashion) in the vast repertoire of Arabic literature available in translation from this online archive that you are reading.
Ἀχαμώθ, the Narrator

Rather than the plagiarised modern Islamist Quran, Hanifism uses the original Ahsana alHadith of the Sassanian Church which famous Arabian Hanifists like Sarjis Ben Saidah, AlQays and of course Maslamah bin Habib (Allah's mostly deaf servant mentioned in Isaiah 42:19) used to promote among the Banu Hanifa in Arabia before The False-Mahmad (Dajjal) began to corrupt them and before they were redacted by Zaid ibn Thabit into the Islamist Quran. It is because the Islamist Quran is derived from Hanifist Ahsana ulHadith Ἀχαμώθ Poetry that Hanifists may respect the Islamist Quran while regarding the Islamist "Muhammad" as pasul (prohibited).

This website represents some of the deepest, most controversial and more extremely challenging views of the Imami-Sufi tariqah according to the Alian Dönmeh of Eastern Europe with their original historical context for the international open-minded intellectual audience to explore as an alternative to the diametrically opposed fantasia of the Saudi Wahbbism or Salafi Muslim-Brotherhood hegemony which currently dominates the world view on Islam.

The Lipek Wieliczko Dönmeh Research Society defends the Hanifism of Sabbatai Tsevi's Dönmeh as preserving the most ancient truth about Islam and the origins of the Quran and is dedicated to explaining what Hanifism was like before it's message was corrupted to suit the political needs of various Caliphs.

Although sometimes called Dönmeh or Imami-Sufi or Spiritual-Shia or Alevis or Alians etc., in the end Dönmeh are just Ma'aminim, Hanif (Lost) Meshulam, but not blasphemous- and that is all there is to it.

Spiritual-Shia, though recognized by the Muslim Brotherhood as the Imami-Sufi tariqah, go to depths of understanding that make oheir visible ways significantly different from other Shia. For example, Dönmeh alone among the promoters of Classical Arabian Religious Poetry REJECT Child-Marriage (Pedophilia). Dönmeh are also much more outspoken than other Shia against Sunnism and intolerant of its influence.

Sunnis call Dönmeh extremists because feminism, monogamy, brotherly loving interfaith activities, keeping external displays of religiosity private, rejecting child marriage, rejecting aggressive jihad etc., are considered extremist ideas to Sunnis.

For this reason Sunnis have been attempting to incite a genocide against Dönmeh and other Alians for centuries. Most recently in the form of their so-called "Islamic State" in the Levant of Syria, Turkey and Iraq and Turkey's pogroms against the Alevis.

Rather than judge Dönmeh by the reports of outsiders, you are warmly invited to explore the articles presented here and other sources to learn more about what Dönmeh actually believe themselves through this vast treasure trove of the otherwise lost Sassanian Church and contribute to its resurrection as a rational alternative to the otherwise irrational religion of Islamism.

Allah Hafiz


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