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I established the "Dönmeh Chevalier Archives" as an online portal for Christendom's Hereditary Chivalric Chaplains of direct Dönmeh Lineage. But it is not only about Dönmeh Hanifism and is just as much a personal blogspot as it is anything else since readers are privy to various ideas opinions and science ranging from arcane and useless to modern and practical. For example, since my family descends from the Roman Scythian and Palemonid Chevaliers of Lipka (Ruthenian Lithuania), I have a few pages dedicated to genealogy here too.
As Jan Herburt explained in the 16th century, Ukraine's "Cossack" Nobility arrived in 13th century Lipka under the Roman Count Hujd's House of Sas from Maramureș (Kazár-Országa) giving rise to the legend that Cossacks originated in "Old Jewish" Khazaria as did many Hungarians as well as many Ashkenazim likewise.
The Sas Coat of Arms

Ultimately, the "Scythians" of Kazár-Országa have their ancestral origin not in Central Asia but in Late Antiquity's Roman Province of Scythia Minor which is current day Dobruja explaining the Romaniote origin of the Ashkenazim. But our direct paternal line is said to descend from an ennobled Dönmeh (Sabbatean Alevi) convert to Christianity like Jacob Frank. All men in my tribe share in common the early medieval E-Y6938 Y-DNA from Kazár-Országa otherwise most common among Ashkenazim and Hungarians besides traces among Lipka Tatarized Dönmeh.
Y-DNA Haplogroup E-6938 is a branch of E-M123.
The "Old Judaism" (староиудейство) of Khazaria, also known as the sabbatarian faith, is the Biblical (not Tanakh) version of Judaism which once piqued the interest of intelligentsia in various Cossack and Transylvanian noble families who claimed descent from Israel's lost Ten-Tribes (On-Oguri). Such intelligentsia were all too often unfairly condemned as Judaizers if they ever identified as Jews while excluding Hebrew or any other ethnicity. Indeed, claiming to be Jewish without being Hebrew would, at first glance, seem like an oxymoron but under closer scrutiny in light of Galatians 3:27-29 it all begins to make perfect sense. Dönmeh Alevis adopted Hanifism rather than Islam interpreting it as Born Again Judaism and that is ultimately what this entire website is all about.

It is thanks to discovering such Ukrainian Noble connections to "Old Judaism" that I was allowed citizenship in modern Israel even though I do not lay claim to the Hebrew ethnicity of some of my ancestors. Yet since then, ironically, it's been the Orthodox Church that has helped me to understand the deepest mysteries of Hanifism and embrace my Born Again Jewish identity in keeping with the idea that the Messiah would deliver the Dönmeh under the sign of the fish. It is also how I came to realise that Antisemitism won't end unless Christianity and Islam also embraces the Edah of Born Again Judaism by recognising Hanifism's clear distinction from Judaization.

Old Judaism did not distinguish between the Born Again Jewish followers of Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh and other Jews. The only difference was the way in which one became a Jew. Judaization is the Shammaite process whereby non-Jews (beginning with circumcision for men) start mandatory and gradual adoption of all of the Mitzvot culminating in taking on Jewish identity through Tevilah. The Hillelite process begins with mandatory and gradual adoption of the Mitzvot (ending with circumcision for men) and likewise culminating in taking on Jewish identity through Tevilah. In contrast, Hanifism begins with the adoption of a new identity, the Royal Jew's, through a Tevilah of Teshuvah for all, both Jew and Gentile alike, as Born Again Jews then optionally adopting all the Mitzvot of Judaism (culminating in circumcision for uncircumcised men if they are called to do so as Timothy was) if (and only if) it helps one feel the new spiritual identity more.

Furthermore, for Born Again Jews, there is a much deeper meaning to the term "Jew" than one might initially presume. It is rooted not in the ethnicity of Judah but in something much deeper. The first individual to be called a Jew in the Bible was not Judith nor her nephew Judah but Mordecai, of Purim fame. "There was a man, a Jew, in Shushan the capital, whose name was Mordecai . . . a Yemeni" (Esther 2:5). The Talmud (Tractate Megillah 12b) asks on this: "Is he called a Jew, implying that he descended from Judah? For he is called Yemeni, implying that he is a Benjaminite!" Rabbi Jochanan responds: "He was a Benjaminite. Yet he was called a Jew because he rejected idolatry—and anyone who rejects idolatry is called a Jew."

Thus, being a Jew does not actually have anything to do with Judah. One who acknowledges God's existence and submits to His authority—to the extent that he is willing to sacrifice his life for the sanctification of His name—he is called a Jew. Hence Abraham is commonly referred to as "The First Jew." As the first person to use his own cognitive abilities to discover and recognise the one God, rejected the idolatrous ways of his ancestors and contemporaries, actively publicised the truth of God and was prepared to give his very life for these goals—Abraham epitomised "Jewishness" before any Judahites existed. In fact, the word Yehudi (from which derives the English word Jew) can be said to share the same root as either the Hebrew word hoda'ah (הוֹדָאָה), which means Thanksgiving/Acknowledgement or Submission, or with the Kabbalic Hebrew word hod (הוֹד) meaning Glory sitting at the right hand of the Father.

The most ancient Hereditary Chevaliers are India's 72 families of Knanaya who descend from the original 72 Chevarim appointed by our Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh himself. The next were the Chevaliers of the Byzantine-Christian Empire (from whom my paternal line descends). After them came the Chevaliers of the Frankish Christian Empire (from whom came the Crusader Kings of Jerusalem that I also descend from). Then came the Chevaliers of the Christian Bulgarian Empire (with whom I have been initiated) and so on. There was a time when every Christian nation had its own Hereditary Chevaliers. Yet, proportionally, from the time of the English Civil War through the French Revolution and the Bolshevik uprisings and the two World Wars until today Hereditary Knightage represents the most persecuted ethnicity in Europe, yes, even higher in proportion than the Gypsies and Jews under the Third Reich. Thus, one is more likely to meet a Jew or a Gypsy than a Hereditary Chevalier and even then they are mostly impoverished if not of certain Saxon origins. Many lineages have already died out completely and many more are still in danger of being written out of history by academics historians and researchers working for the international and atheistic liberal-socialist revolution.

Perhaps because of that, my online "club" is slowly becoming a real club for all other Hereditary Chevaliers that I have met in person who remember that Hereditary Chevaliers were born to Minister conservative Biblical socialism under a very strict and rather monastic lifestyle of honour which is easy to identify so that even without any living Sovereign Fount of Honour for our Temporal Protection, our Hereditary Knightage may continue as a formally recognised official religious Chaplaincy legally bound by the Code of Chivalry and remaining in good standing under the Eternal Protection of the one and only true Sovereign Fount of Honour, our Rebbe Melekh HaMashiakh Decaion. The details of every such official Hereditary Chevalier is kept in our Club's book of records.

This is an unpublished private page open only to authorized readers. It is an online platform for the Sabbatean Pastor Lipka Zim J. Wielichko to present his research on Christianity in All Rus' and Abroad.

Topics covered will include:
Accidental Jew

I was always attracted to the Uniates as I come from an East Galician family of Uhlans knowing we inherited the Rascian Khussar tradition. But that tradition is also what got me interested in the "Nestorian" Black Turkic Uhlans of "Prester John" settled in Halych by Daniel of Ruthenia in 1246AD.

I felt my family might have originally been Uniates in 1999 but the sources I found said Uniates did not exist until the Union of Brest while other sources linking Uhlans and Khussars to East European Karaims mis-taught me that the so-called "Molokan" religion of those original Black Turks was actually a mis-identification of the same Karaite Jewish tradition in which they said Jesus taught! Never buy the story that Judaism does not seek proselytes because I did and it put me off my guard against such propaganda so after a Karaimization period, I was circumcised in Jerusalem where I discovered the Palestinian Romaniote minhag and was "baptized" into the Shammuti Rabbinical tradition.

Just before my Aliyah was approved in 2014 I learned that the Karaims had furnished me with nothing but a Judaized interpretation of Shapshalian Alevism, and I began to investigate the Parthian Church since, despite my Shammuti conversion, I was still only familiar with a Judaized Alevi Christian liturgy which no one before me had identified as Alevi thanks to the ubiquitous secrecy and confusion surrounding Karaites.

In my my quest to find Parthian Christians I first contacted the Assyrians who put me off by referring to their Church as a Business, then the Ancient Church of the East who allowed me to take communion without scrutinizing my level of initiation, then the Uniates again who actually offered to investigate the possibility of absorbing my family under an ordinariat scheme so that my Shapshalian Pastor status would not cause complications. But being concerned that my 1 year Aliyah approval might not be renewed if my Christian interests were discovered I had to emigrate before the deadline expired.

Investigating Christianity in Israel as a Shapshalian Pastor turned out to be very difficult and since contacting the Caucasian Albanian Apostolic Church seemed impossible my family were instead baptized into the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (while on holiday) which seemed to be the next best thing on paper. However, Bulgarian Christianity is not straightforward and it turned out the one which baptized us had not preserved pre-Nkkon authenticity of the Eastern Church which we were seeking, so we decided to baptize our third Child into the Chaldean Uniate Church (again while on holiday) which had the advantage of being one of the few legally recognized churches in Israel and not only desperately needs Israeli members to survive but also seemed the only Church in Israel closest to our Parthian tradition that we were looking for (although we have since learned that Armenian Uniates might in fact be closer). However, destiny meant we left Israel again and so now we are attending our local Uniate Church again though now able to take communion disappointingly no longer investigating my family being absorbed under an ordinariat scheme. Instead the opportunity has been afforded me to join a minor order as a Cantor.

I would like to check if a Baptism and confirmation I had as a child into Roman Catholicism might actually still be valid (if the rule of re-baptism once required by the Church to cover the sin of Judaization does not still stand) or whether I only have a Bulgarian Orthodox baptism which is valid. If the latter then I have been told that I may need permission from the local Bishop for formal permission to join the Uniate Church. I would be asking this on the grounds of my family background, life journey, more familiarity with Eastern Church tradition in our family where my wife and two daughters have only ever known Byzantine rite and my son was baptized anyway as a Chaldean Uniate.

A Karaite Journey
Karaite Jews, Me and the Black Turk Lodge
How an Azeri family became Israeli Citizens through Wikipedia!

This is a story about how Mr Chusar's Azeri family of Black Turks (Karaylar) made an accidental journey to becoming Israeli citizens in 2015 thanks to the confusion propagated throughout the internet and beyond by a circus of Wikipedia editors lumping several different ethnic groups together under one headding.

The journey began with my Azeri Black-Turkic family's proud Hussar tradition. I had learned as a child that the martial traditions of Azeri Black-Turkic Hussars descended from Black-Khazars with whom I identified.

In order for me to understand the deeper mysteries of the Azeri Djem (the Lord's Supper), my parents had sent me to a Catholic Elementary School in the 1980s followed by an Unitarian Middle School in the 1990s. In fact, neither school explained to me the meaning of the Djem which I have now discovered myself decades later. Rather, they presented me with conflicting opinions on a Sunday Sabbath vs a Saturday Sabbath instead of a Friday. Tragically, not really understanding Christ's sacrifice, nor even the difference between Uniates and Unitarians, it seemed to me that the Unitarians had a point though I later learned we were all somehow observing the Sabbath one way or another.

My investigation of Unitarian Sabbatarianism as a teenager led me deeper and deeper down the Rabbit Hole. It seemed to me a good middle ground between Christian observances and Muslim observances. From 1996 I began to become aware of an unusual "Sabbatarian Lodge" of Black Tatars. I got to know some of those "Black Turks" while studying in Krakow in 1999/2000 through my cousin thinking we were all just Kara-Turks not realizing they were from the Sabbatarian Lodge. I was confused when I suffered an anti-Semitic assault in Poland after that. That should probably have been my first clue though concerning a case of mistaken identity.

No sooner had I just started to become more public in describing myself as part of the Black-Turks' Sabbatarian Lodge when I started to come across references to collaboration between Nazis and Karaylar against Jews during the Holocaust. The Karaylar were accused of being some sort of Jewish traitors. This was part 2 of the case of mistaken identity. Little did I know I had just stepped into a warzone where a 2000 year old battle between Pharisees (Jews) and a remnant of the Sadducees (Essenes) had just been given a post-Modernist twist.

Though unable to leave the Lodge, I found temporary solace with an Unitarian Sabbatarian Church which also accepted the Quran and claimed descent from Khazars as the remnant of Israelites exiled in Scythia which was all right up my street.

But I was slowly becoming more educated concerning Jewish culture, some of which I recognized from my own family and began to wonder if Black Turks really had inherited some Mosaist traditions from Jewish ancestors. Sadly, it never occurred to me that shared elements in Black-Turkic and Jewish culture might both have descended from Khazars.

When 9/11 happened I was pretty soon very embarrassed by my Muslim past. Out of an increasing sense of guilt for my culture I began investigating the Noahite Rainbow Covenant instead and began to attend a Synagogue.

In 2004 I felt the need to broach the "Jewish traitors" question with my Mother but was shot down before I had even finished formulating my rather ingenuine question for although I felt an attraction to Jewishness, I felt a bit fake trying to think my family more Jewish than I had ever thought it was. "We're not Jewish" she interrupted as if expecting some sort of question in that area.

Infected by dualistic worldview, I began to let what I had learned from the media allow me to feel a rather vain "fear" of learning where my remaining grandparents stood concerning the Holocaust during WW2.

In the Synagogues, a few exceptionally educated Hassidic Jews started noticing how similar some of my vocabulary and concepts were to elements in Karaite Judaism which Wikipedia told us all (completely erroneously) was the original religion of the Karaylar! I did not know that was just more mistaken identity.

In reality Karaite identity has become a mish-mash of free-thought based on Mosaist traditions outside the Babylonian Talmud (Brill, Meir Polliack). The similar elements were due to nothing more than Judeo-Arabic influences in Karaite Judaism and Islam. So it was basically possible for anyone to find anything in the group of barely related people that fall under the ambiguous category of "Karaism".

Nevertheless, after a short period of melodramatic denial I began to learn about traditional Constantinopolitan (Romaniote) Karaite Judaism which is based on the Jerusalem Talmud's Palestinian Minhag and quite distinct from the Sadduceean religion of the Essenes claimed by many other Karaites. I must point out that I was mainly learning about Karaism from sympathetic Orthodox Jews not from Karaites. I then learned that so many Karaylar were massacred by Nazis at Babi Yar, and that a cleric called Shapshal had done his best to save Jews with a list like Schindler's. Feeling encouraged by the Hassidic Jews and a DNA test which revealed some Jewish relations I finally came out and declared my imagined Karaite Jewish identify at about the same time my mother died in 2007. That made me vent my grief and anger at the anonymous internet authors who had tried to present Karaylar as Nazis.

I somehow managed to reconcile the teachings of the Messianic Black Turks' Sabbatarian Lodge with traditional (and in actual fact quite Rabbinical) Karaite Judaism which I had learned about from the Orthodox Jews to become a fully qualified Karaite teacher circumcised in Jerusalem followed by a quick Giyur Lechumra from Edah Hareidit no less. But swimming in a sea of Sadducees and Black Turks, I pleased few since I was encouraging some to read the Quran and others to embrace their Rabbinical roots. All because of no disambiguation on Wikipedia. Well, I say I pleased few, that was of course until I mentioned the progress of my new Aliyah application based on my "Karaite" identity. It turns out no matter how much they hate rabbinical Jews they were all keen to have Israeli passports! Sadly, the sudden burst which followed of Karaites applying for Aliyah, set off alarm bells in the Jewish agency and my application was delayed for years until finally approved in October 2014. Although my supposed to be private and confidential Aliyah file which had been sent to Universal Karaite Judaism for inspection, who then released it to Karaite Jewish University for public discussion on the internet, had been mocked and derided as a Christian's application, the Jewish agency was able to discern that the anger against me was due to my affiliation with the Orthodox community which actually worked in my favour.

Being somewhat dyslexic I had still not been able to sort through the garbage coming from Wikipedia mish-mashing all the irreconcilable different types of "Karaite" identity into one, despite clear doctrinal distinctions between Rabbinical Karaite Jews, the Black Turkic Lodge and Sadducee Karaites. Instead I was holding a confused mish-mash of doctrines in my mind referring to myself as a Karaite, attending Synagogue while espousing the beliefs of the Black-Khazar Lodge. Moreover my fame and influence was increasing and being approved for Aliyah was the last straw for some folks who conspired together in one last effort to slander my defense of the Quran as taramount to espousing typical Pedophilic Sunni beliefs in an attempt to derail my popularity. Pity for them that Azeri Muslims are known for rejecting Aisha. Nevertheless, although my legal team was able to wipe the floor with them in court my reputation had been tarnished by the slurr against me. Thus starting a new life with my family in Israel seemed to be a good opportunity.

Only after Aliyah did we notice information about Karaylar begin to change on Wikipedia. Suddenly the differences between Karaite Jews, Karaimit Judaizers and Black Turks began to become clear. Everything that my family's Aliyah had been approved on was suddenly vanishing from the internet before our very eyes.

It was as if God had simply allowed all that misinformation to be spread for the past couple of decades specifically for our Aliyah and now that we were Israeli citizens it was not needed anymore.

So now we know that we have always really only ever been Black Turks and yet here we are isolated by significantly different world views as citizens of a primarily Jewish/Sunni country.

Certainly God has a plan for us but what exactly that plan is yet is still very unclear.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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