Welcome to HANIFISM.COM a website for Hanifian (حنيفا) converts to God the Father's Fitra upon which He created Mankind being the religion of a very special Hanifian. The term Hanifian means "Pagan's Descendant" and is given to us by people from other Judaic sects to point out that we do not have purely Judaic ancestry but descend from Hanifs (Pagans). But that is nothing to be ashamed of because of a very special Hanifian best known as Abraham. 

HANIFISM.COM tries to identify things from our ancestries which have to be abandoned as HANIFISM (Paganism) incompatible with Red Judaism, but also defends things from our ancestries which are NOT HANIFISM and therefore do not have to be abandoned.

For example, we would consider that to forget that Abraham himself was Hanifian is an example of HANIFISM. Also distinguishing Hanifian converts to Judaism from people who were born and brought up in Judaism is another kind of HANIFISM. As for one of the things which is really NOT HANIFISM is the idea that Jesus was sent as a prophet to the Edomites in the same way that Moses was sent to the Israelites. This idea is in fact central to Red Judaism. 

We who practice Red Judaism do not say we are Jews because we do not want to be accused of being "those who say they are Jews but are not". Only outsiders call us Red Jews. 

Isaac son of Abraham Hanifian had two sons, his heir the eldest was Esau, Father of the our Edomite ancestors, then the second to emerge from our Mother Rebecca's womb was Jacob, Father of the Israelites. 4000 years ago, Edom disregarded the birthright and it passed to our younger sibling Israel. For centuries our ancestors carried the stone of Beit-El with them until John Hyrcanus converted us to Judaism and we set our hearts on rebuilding Jerusalem's House of G-d in compensation for the sins of our ancestors. But our old King Herod compounded on the sins of our ancestors by trying to kill our birthright, the true House of G-d who had come to rule us all as our New King 2000 years ago. But Israel disregarded her birthright and so the Abrahamic priesthood passed to us once more. 

After another hundred years or so to come, we will know if the birthright has passed back to Israel or not. Until that time comes this website promotes Red Judaism everywhere to embrace the warmth of our Sun, the Herodian Messiah AlMasih Isa ibnMarym and the legacy of our Prophet Odadah.

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